Pain Starting

In the past two years I’ve gone through so much pain due to a complication that arises in my hands. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t type and I couldn’t do many other fine motor tasks that I used to do. In the past two years I did nothing but reading books and watching movies which was a total waste of time.
Getting your hands away suddenly make your life so miserable than you could ever imagine and for the past couple of years I’ve been thinking day and nights about how could I get it back.

Commence the Attack

I’ve developed an android application, called ProjectZ that is available on my github page, it lets you to control a full PC with your android tablet without using a keyboard. For the first six months I could use ProjectZ to release the stress off of my hands but as my condition progress ProjectZ became a total challenge too! Eventually, I gave up and accept the harsh reality. I change my job, gave up the university, change my lifestyle and once more in my life I relinquish my favorite hobbies. Sure it was hard but I had no choice..

Along the way, my friends and my professor, helped me so much to overcome this f***ing problem, their efforts half worked and I could get back to design PCBs and other electronic design as good as old days. But I should disclose that my speed and productivity was far from even half of my days before the injury. I also experienced difficulty during the time that I’ve been alone in my home to use my computer or using my phone.

Emerge of the Angel

A year and half past, and with the release of Mac OS Catalina, a new feature called voice control caught my eyes. It was a game changing feature that allows people with dexterity to interact with their computer using only their voice. I tried to install the Catalina operating system on my PC which took three days due to my sore hands and the problems you’ll face when you try to install a clean Mac OS on a non-Mac PC. Finally Catelina was installed and I could test the voice control feature. It was nice and have a great interface but it was far from anything practical. The accuracy was poor, the options were limited and the APIs are not even available.

I was disappointed once again, but I introduced to the amazing community of A11Y and finally out of the blue I bump into dwk awesome video about a project called Aenea. In this video dwk shows how to use only your voice to write Python scripts. The accuracy was absolutely amazing and the demo was perfect. Also as he mentioned he actually managed to reach to half the speed of his coding speed which is absolutely insane. So I hooked up the tools, download the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and give it a shot.

Happy Ending?

The result? Despite my inferior gear Dragon was absolutely amazing, the accuracy was decent. The commands running flawlessly and the only thing that I was thinking right there was “God, I’m finally back!”.

Right now I’m doing some tuning and writing some extensions to fully harness the power of the Dragon. It’s so good to be on the track again and enjoy all the fun, hope you are doing OK too!

P.S. writing this text was only possible because of the dragonfly and Dragon NaturallySpeaking technologies which is a platform that Apple Siri is based on. Also I have to thanks dwk, Tavis Rudd  and the dragonfly community for all their supports. I also want to thanks my besties who helped me during this tough time to don’t lose my faith and hope. Obviously I will not mention their names due to their privacy.

NatLink – A link between Python and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Vimeo – DragonFly tutorial

GitHub – KeyMouse

GitHub – Caster

YouTube – Castervoice Channel


  1. Peiman April 26, 2020 at 10:48 am

    Hi there, I am a fan of electronic and computer engineering like you. I came across your blog by google search and was inspired by your great determination. I hope you keep your spirits up and wish you all the best in life.

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