Speech Recognition II(Developing Kaldi)

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Let’s Enhance Kaldi, Here are some links along the way. Look like YouTube is progressing a lot during the last couple of years so basically here is just a bunch of random videos creating my favorite playlist to learn all the cool stuff under the Kaldi’s hood. YouTube Keith Chugg (USC) – Viterbi Algorithm Lim…

Online Kaldi Decoding

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Thanks to this marvelous framework, a trained model is at disposal with WER of absolute zero percent over the 10 minutes of continuous speech file. The final piece to this puzzle would be implementing a semi-online decoding tool using GStreamer. As always useful links for further inspection GStreamer – Dynamic pipelines Function that save lives!…

HaLseY and TaLoN!

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So the third year has been passed. Halsey was the one who pushes passion into me to don’t ever fucking give up. Through last year I mostly kill the time developing a handful number of hardware projects. Meanwhile, I tried to loosen up and solve some PDE and electromagnetic problems, silly me but it helped…

Lost in the Vast Ocean of Speech Recognition

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Here I am, pursuing once more the old-fashioned machine learning. I’ll keep it short and write down useful links Books Dan Povey – HTK Book Ian Goodfellow – Deep Learning Papers IEEE – Uncertainty Decoding with SPLICE for Noise Robust Speech Recognition YouTube Hannes van Lier – Basic Introduction to Speech Recognition (HMM & Neural…

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