Developing Firefox extensions could be rough but shouldn’t be. here are few techniques to smooth out the process

1. Dev Console

Access all extension logs by visiting about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and clicking on the Inspect button to see console.log logs.

For background scripts, you can see the logs also in the browser console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J

2. Try WebExtension API Live

You can access WebExtension API Here and you can try them in about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox in the same console. As an example browser.tabs.query({active: true}) will give you the current tab

3. Terms

A browser action is a button that your extension adds to the browser’s toolbar

4. Installation

If you want to install your add-on you need to first sign it on the Mozilla platform but this can take time instead you can install Firefox Developer Edition and enable xpinstall.signatures.required to disable sign enforcement and then normally install your add-on

  1. Anatomy of Extention
  2. Windows Firefox Dev Edition 100.0

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