Understanding Partitions in Android MediaTek Chips

Published on 2024-01-27 in Android

Flash Samsung Galaxy A34 SP Flash Tool

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Scatter File

To use the SP Flash tool you need to have a scatter file. One easy way to find that is to look out for other devices that use the same chipset but the manufacturer releases the firmware file including the scatter file one such manufacturer is Xiaomi but you may find other manufacturers as well.

Samsung Galaxy A34 uses Dimensity 1080[MT6877v] and here is the list of other devices that use this chip as well:


Devices come in two kinds, eMMC and UFS. eMMC is just an SD card but in a package of a chip which then is called an embedded SD card or eMMC. Others come with UFS storage which is NAND flash in fancy words. You can determine your device type by looking at the specs. For A34 that is UFS 2.2.

Partition Starting Address

There’s a PIT (Partition Information Table) file inside all Samsung firmware. This file includes all partition starting addresses. Don’t know how to read it yet though

Small Notes

  1. If you are creating a scatter file from scratch know that you should put all partition inside and all correct start addresses. SP Flash Tool every time you flash even a single partition will update the device gpt partition table based on the scatter file you supplied thus be careful or backup the ptable before starting messing around
  2. Would be awesome if anyone knows a tool which can read the ptable, currently I used mtkclient but the support is not that great
  3. SP Flash Tool By SRAM, By DRAM option, choose how the file was first copied to the device and then write to the actual location. Both should work in normal conditions, SRAM used if DRAM has issues, pro during R&D.

Samsung MTK Force BRom (DM)

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Half of Samsung devices come with a MediaTek chip. These chips come with a special mode called BROM or emergency mode. This is something that by default is not enabled but if the device goes into broken mode it will activate to allow the device to be flashed without the need for a jtag connection.
There’s a tool called Android Utility Tool that comes with a very shitty support, website, and documentation. In my journey, I thought I give it a shot as the phone that I was playing with wasn’t so important to me. Unfortunately, I used the tool to put my device into the BROM mode and the device got bricked with a black screen and no reaction whatsoever.
The solution was easy just get a stock ROM extract Bootloader files uncompress the LZ4 file format and then use the write boot_section and write a preloader file to the device. And your device will work revive again.
Final note MediaTek mode only enables for a few seconds after you reboot the device so each time you want to execute an action you have to keep Holding the power button or some combination for a few seconds or more.

How to Downgrade Samsung SW REV. CHECK FAIL

Published on 2024-01-20 in Android

If you try to downgrade a new Samsung phone to an older firmware using Odin you are gonna get SW REV. CHECK FAIL. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this but it takes a little bit of patience

Quick Guide

  1. Download and install 7-Zip
  2. Download the required tool.
  3. Extract the Ap_<Version>.tar.md5​ content in the same place as the required tools.
  4. Convert .lz4 files to .img​ by dragging and dropping them on lz4.exe​
  5. Run SignRemover
  6. Pack the whole dir except lz4 files and tools to tar with 7-Zip
  7. Do the same for the bootloader(Ap_<Version>.tar.md5​) and flash normally using Odin

If needed place vb_mate.img in AP slot to disable AVB

How to Downgrade Android Version in Samsung Devices if Device is in Higher Binery