So the third year has been passed. I mostly worked on developing a couple of hardware projects. Halsey music was a big passion there.

Learning all ML cool stuff now is one of my top priority. Combine it with the emerge of Talon, a powerful C2 grammar framework by Ryan Hileman, and wave2letter a game-changing speech recognition engine from the Facebook AI department, I have some hope to make distinct progress.
Watching Emily Shea demonstrating how she uses Talon to write Perl was a big improvement over the past few years. And then Ryan last week’s tweet: .

Conformer better handles accents as well as fast speech. Here's a demo dictating Vue code
at high speed with the new model, with no errors. Compared to two typists on the same code:
80wpm typist took 1m54s, 120wpm took 53s. It took me 1m15s with voice. I think I could go faster!

— Ryan Hileman (@lunixbochs) April 3, 2021

This month also Microsoft bought Nuance for $19.7 billion, This will be Microsoft’s second-biggest deal ever. Now the industry is going to see a tremendous change in the SR area.

YouTube – PyGotham 2018:Coding by Voice with Dragonfly

GitHub – AccJoon: MSAA-Based Tool to Access Any Control in Win32

GitHub – Rebound: Control Linux and Windows with remote XBox-One Controller

Google Cloud Platform Podcast – Voice Coding with Emily Shea and Ryan Hileman

TheRegister – Microsoft acquires Nuance—makers of Dragon—for $19.7 billion

YouTube – Halsey: Nightmare (Live From The Armory)

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