• Lattices: Are a graph containing states(nodes) and arcs(edges). which each state represent one 10ms frame
• Arcs: Are start from one state to another state. Each state arcs can be accessed with arc iterator and arcs only retain their next state. each arcs have weight and input and output label.
• States: Are simple decimal number starting from lat.Start(). and goes up to lat.NumStates(). Most of the time start is 0
• Topological Sort: An FST is topological sorted if the FST can be laid out on a horizontal axis and no arc direction would be from right to left
• Note 1: You can get max state with lat.NumStates()
• Note 2: You can prune lattices by creating dead end path. Dead end path is a path that’s not get end up to the final state. After that fst::connect will trim the FST and get rid of these dead paths

Fig. 1. Topologically Sorted Graph

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