Here I am, pursuing once more the old fashioned machine learning. I’ll keep it shorts and write down only the useful pages that exerts along the way

1. YouTube – A Basic Introduction to Speech Recognition (Hidden Markov Model & Neural Networks)

2. YouTube – A friendly introduction to Bayes Theorem and Hidden Markov Models

3. Kaldi FrameWork Wiki

4. Dan Povey’s homepage: Former Professor at John Hopkins University, Author of HTK Book

5. Wikipedia – Dempster–Shafer theory

6. Wikipedia – Expectation–maximization algorithm

7. Kaldi Wiki – Kaldi Tutorial #1

8. YouTube – Hidden Markov Models, The forward-backward algorithm

9. Wikipedia – Cepstral mean and variance normalization

10. KalDi WiKi – Kaldi for Dummies tutorial

11. KDE Simon – CMU SPHINX Based ASR

12. Speech Research International Language Model (SRILM)

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