So the third year has been passed. Halsey was the one who pushes passion into me to don’t ever fucking give up.
Through last year I mostly kill the time developing a handful number of hardware projects. Meanwhile, I tried to loosen up and solve some PDE and electromagnetic problems, silly me but it helped to forget all stuff in this fuzzy world.

Learning all ML cool stuff now is one of my top priority and now I’m just waiting for a nice free time to let the storm come. Combine it with the emerge of Talon, a powerful C2 grammar framework by Ryan Hileman, and wave2letter a game-changing speech recognition engine from the Facebook AI department, I have some hope to make distinct progress.
Watching Emily Shea demonstrating how she uses Talon to write Perl was a big improvement over the past few years. And finally, Ryan beat the shit out of Vue code in his last week’s tweet:

Conformer better handles accents as well as fast speech. Here's a demo dictating Vue code
at high speed with the new model, with no errors. Compared to two typists on the same code:
80wpm typist took 1m54s, 120wpm took 53s. It took me 1m15s with voice. I think I could go faster!

— Ryan Hileman (@lunixbochs) April 3, 2021

This month also Microsoft bought Nuance for $19.7 billion, This will be Microsoft’s second-biggest deal ever, look like the industry is going to see a tremendous change in the SR area.

YouTube – PyGotham 2018:Coding by Voice with Dragonfly

GitHub – AccJoon: MSAA-Based Tool to Access Any Control in Win32

GitHub – Rebound: Control Linux and Windows with remote XBox-One Controller

Google Cloud Platform Podcast – Voice Coding with Emily Shea and Ryan Hileman

TheRegister – Microsoft acquires Nuance—makers of Dragon—for $19.7 billion

YouTube – Halsey: Nightmare (Live From The Armory)

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