Let’s Enhance Kaldi, Here are some links along the way. Look like YouTube is progressing a lot during the last couple of years so basically here is just a bunch of random videos creating my favorite playlist to learn all the cool stuff under the Kaldi’s hood.


  1. Keith Chugg (USC) – Viterbi Algorithm
  2. Lim Zhi Hao (NTU) – WFST: A Nice Channel On Weighted Finite State Transducers
  3. Dan Povey (JHU) – ICASSP 2011 Kaldi Workshop: Dan Explaining Kaldi Basics
  4. Luis Serrano – The Covariance Matrix: To Understand GMM Acoustic Modeling


  1. Mehryar Mohri (NYU) – Speech Recognition with WFST: A joint work of RWTH and NYU
  2. Mehryar Mohri (NYU), Afshin Rostamizadeh – Foundations of Machine Learning
  3. George Doddington (US DoD) ICASSP 2011 – Human Assisted Speaker Recognition
  4. GitHub Kaldi – TED-LIUM Result: GMM, SGMM, Triple Deltas Comparison
  5. EE Columbia University – Speech Recognition Spring 2016
  6. D. Povey – Generating Lattices in the WFST : For understanding LattceFasterDecoder


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