If you try to downgrade a new Samsung phone to an older firmware using Odin you are gonna get SW REV. CHECK FAIL. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this but it takes a little bit of patience

Quick Guide

  1. Download and install 7-Zip
  2. Download the required tool.
  3. Extract the Ap_<Version>.tar.md5​ content in the same place as the required tools.
  4. Convert .lz4 files to .img​ by dragging and dropping them on lz4.exe​
  5. Run SignRemover
  6. Pack the whole dir except lz4 files and tools to tar with 7-Zip
  7. Do the same for the bootloader(Ap_<Version>.tar.md5​) and flash normally using Odin

If needed place vb_mate.img in AP slot to disable AVB

How to Downgrade Android Version in Samsung Devices if Device is in Higher Binery


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