Kaldi GMM

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This is the golden formula in the speech recognition. The argmax function means find the value of w that makes p(x|w) maximum. Here x is observation acoustic signal. So basically we compute all possible sequence and then for each one of them calculate the possibility of seeing such an acoustic signal. This is a very…

Voltage Feedback Amplifier(VFB) vs Current Feedback Amplifier(CFB)

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Voltage Feedback Amplifier(VFB) or Current Feedback Amplifier(CFB). that is the question! This document will summarize the difference Current Feedback Amplifier Advantage No fixed gain bandwidth product (high gain and high bandwidth at the same time!) Ultra slew rate (Inverting configuration maximizes input slew rate) Disadvantage Only the non-inverting input is the high input impedance feedback…

Understanding Partitions in Android MediaTek Chips

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Preloader: initial bootloader code that runs when the device is powered on. Vbmeta: Verified Boot metadata, which is used to verify the integrity of the boot image. Vbmeta_system: Verified Boot metadata for the system partition. Vbmeta_vendor: Verified Boot metadata for the vendor partition. Spmfw: Secure Partition Manager firmware. Lk: Little Kernel bootloader. Boot: kernel and…

Flash Samsung Galaxy A34 SP Flash Tool

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Scatter File To use the SP Flash tool you need to have a scatter file. One easy way to find that is to look out for other devices that use the same chipset but the manufacturer releases the firmware file including the scatter file one such manufacturer is Xiaomi but you may find other manufacturers…

Samsung MTK Force BRom (DM)

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Half of Samsung devices come with a MediaTek chip. These chips come with a special mode called BROM or emergency mode. This is something that by default is not enabled but if the device goes into broken mode it will activate to allow the device to be flashed without the need for a jtag connection….

How to Downgrade Samsung SW REV. CHECK FAIL

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If you try to downgrade a new Samsung phone to an older firmware using Odin you are gonna get SW REV. CHECK FAIL. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this but it takes a little bit of patience Quick Guide Download and install 7-Zip Download the required tool. Extract the Ap_<Version>.tar.md5‚Äč content in the same place…

Web Extension Console Firefox

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Developing Firefox extensions could be rough but shouldn’t be. here are few techniques to smooth out the process 1. Dev Console Access all extension logs by visiting about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and clicking on the Inspect button to see console.log logs. For background scripts, you can see the logs also in the browser console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J 2….

How UDP Hole Punching Work

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TCP/UDP hole punching or NAT traversal works as following: A and B are behind NAT and want to communicate, while you have public relay server, S. 1. A connects to S, B connects to S 2. S send A ip and port to B, and send B ip and port to A 3. One of…

RNN vs CNN in Speech Recognition

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RNN or CNN, that’s the question. so what should you use? Let the battle begin So speech recognition is a very broad task. People use speech recognition to do speech-to-text on videos, a pre-recorded data which you can go back and forth between past and future and optimize the output a couple of times. On…

Windows Accurate Timing

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There’s a lot of controversial discussion over the internet about achieving accurate sleep function on Windows platforms. The problem is most of them are very old and with the introduction of multicore processors many of the older functions break down but this is not the case in 2023. Nowadays you can easily call the cross-platform…

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